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Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun

Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun.

Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun. Many people prefer watching drama on TV, rather than having to go to the movies. The reason is very practical because it is more flexible both in time and place. If you often watch dramas, like Doctor Who, there are a few things you need to pay attention to so that watching you is more fun. Here are tips for watching the Doctor Who series to make it more fun.

Invite a friend

Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun.
Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun.

If you want to watch a movie, it would be less fun if watching alone. Try to invite your friends to watch it together, more crowded would be more exciting. Watching Doctor Who serial with friends will be exciting because you can share ideas about the story.

If Possible Try Using the Wide Screen

If you have a big screen that can be used to stream movies, surely it will be more fun and exciting. The image will look bigger as if you are watching in a real movie theater. You can also use a projector so that the movie you watch can be displayed wide according to your taste.

Install Additional Speakers

Display the movie is wide so that you get an exciting movie watching experience, try using additional speakers so that the movie being watched feels so real. But remember! Adjust the sound not too loud, for fear of disturbing your ears and neighbors next to the house.

Watch Trailers First

Before choosing and watching Doctor Who serial that you will watch with friends, you better find the Doctor Who trailer that you will watch first. That way, at least you can guess the description of the storyline of the drama.

Watch from the start

You won’t understand the Doctor Who storyline if you don’t watch it from the start. Therefore, you must download it from the first episode in each session. You also have to watch from the initial session because each session is related to the next session.

Use WIFI to stream

As you know, streaming movies online will take up a lot of your quota, especially if you watch Doctor Who that has so many episodes.  So it is better to use a WIFI network, besides usually unlimited usually WIFI networks will be more stable when compared to mobile data. It also avoids buffering while watching.

Read the Review

It’s better to read a review of the Doctor Who to be watched, so you can also guess the story of the drama you want to watch. Or, you can ask for film recommendations from your friends, or fellow movie lovers.

Prepare snacks

Before watching Doctor Who, you can prepare snacks to enjoy while enjoying the dramatic storyline. What is your favorite snack when watching a movie? Do you like sweet or salty? If you are a lover of sweet snacks, a choice of fresh fruit pieces can be your choice. In addition to accompanying faithfully while watching, a piece of fruit snacks also makes you healthy of course.

Watch when free time

Prepare the right time to watch, choose a free time if it is suitable to be spent enjoying Doctor Who because it has a long storyline. You should not watch it when you are too busy. Nighttime will be the best time to watch Doctor Who serial.

Best Western TV Series All the Time

Best Western TV Series All the Time you can watch

Best Western TV Series All the Time. Unlike the case with movies, TV series can be watched with a longer duration. Because of this, the TV series has become a favorite pastime for spending some free time. Nowadays, there are many choices of TV series with quality and storylines that are no doubt. And of course, it is perfect for you to enjoy on weekends.

The Most Popular Western TV Series

Each TV series presents a variety of interesting genres, ranging from sad stories, adventure, horror, comedy, romance, and more.

The following summary is taken from various sources, the best and most popular TV series of all time that you must watch.

1. Game of Thrones

Best Western TV Series All the Time you can watch
game of thrones

(GoT) Game of Thrones  is a United States fantasy TV series that is produced by D. B. Weiss and David Benioff for the HBO channel. This TV series was adapted from a novel by George R. R. Martin entitled A Song of Ice and Fire. This Game of Thrones is his first novel that is also available on TV. GoT tells of political life in the Kingdom of the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdom on the fictional continent of Westeros. The struggle for daftar idnplay power ensued after the death of the king, Jon Arryn.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Best Western TV Series All the Time you can watch
sherlock holmes

Tells the story of a detective named Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). Together with his colleague, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), Sherlock solve mysterious cases in London. The fictional character Sherlock Holmes himself was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With an interesting setting, this one TV series is full of puzzles and lots of surprises.

3. Friends

In a way, Friends is one of the most popular comedy TV series of all time. Friends told the lives of six friends. They are Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, Rachel Green, Joey Tribbiani. Ross Geller, and Monica Geller. Friends also has so many fans wordwide who watch every episode. It is really attractive and offers good comedy for modern eras.

4. Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a TV series that is originally from the British produced by the BBC. This serial tells about the Time Lord adventine or a time travel of an alien who becomes a human that has a name of doctor who. Doctor who explored the universe by the TARDIS. It is aa conscious time travel spaceship. The outside looks like a blue police box, a scene that was prevalent in England in 1963 when the series was first on the television. Along with successive companions, the Doctor found so many enemies when he was on duty to protect and help people as well as eradicate crime.

5. Prison Break

Prison Break is a drama series from the United States that first aired on Fox Broadcasting Company on August 29, 2005. This Paul Scheuring film takes a prison setting that tells the story of a man named Lincoln Burrows (played by Dominic Purcell). On charges of murdering the brother of the Vice President, Lincoln was thrown into prison. He was guarded by the most stringent security system and was sentenced to death.

6. Hannibal (2013)

Hannibal tells the story of Dr.Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist who is a neat cannibal, perfectionist, and psychopath. Meanwhile, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), an FBI agent who makes profiles of criminals, just doesn’t know that the real killer is insight.

Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who

Recommendations for the Science Fiction

Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who. Science-Fiction movie is indeed a movie genre that is rarely disappointing. The idea of ​​a story that is out of reality but packaged makes sense is indeed very interesting. Maybe that’s why this genre is in great demand. Evidently, movies like The Maze Runner, resident evil, Insurgent received an extraordinary response. The duration of two hours is not enough for a sci-fi movie, so you can watch a drama. Let us say you have watched Doctor Who, so are there sill alternatives to watch with the same genre?

The Last Ship

 Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who
Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who

This series is perfect for those of you who like movies about deadly viruses that infect almost all humans. This series tells about the struggle of a scientist named Rachel and the Navy led by Captain Chandler to find a vaccine that can fight the virus. This TV-series consists of 4 seasons, with 10 to 13 episodes per season. Each episode is quite tense with a solid storyline so it feels like watching a big-screen movie. This series is really epic.

The 100

 Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who
Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who

This series has very interesting ideas and storylines. The background to the story begins with a space in space called The Ark where humans took shelter for almost a hundred years because the earth was uninhabitable. When The Ark began to suffer damage, 100 teenagers were then sent down to earth to test whether the earth could be inhabited again.

Not only the theme of science-fiction, but the series consisting of 6 seasons is also peppered with adventure (adventure). Players who are almost all are young people also provide their own freshness for this film. Very fitting to accompany a vacation or just a weekend.

12 Monkeys

 Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who
Recommendations For The Science Fiction TV Series Instead of Doctor Who

If you like movies about viruses and time travel, then don’t miss this series. When the world is in chaos and so many people die, scientists think of ways to change things. James Cole was then sent to the past. to stop organizations that will cause damage to the world. 12 Monkeys consist of 4 seasons with a total of 27 episodes. Each episode is built by an interesting storyline so that the mystery can also be very.


Lost is a sci-fi genre TV series accompanied by adventure and also mystery and supernatural. This movies tells about a group of people who survived an airplane crash while traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles and were stranded on a mysterious tropical island around the Southern Pacific Ocean. Each episode usually has a main story on the island, enriched with flashbacks and flashback stories that make the storyline more interesting.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a science fiction and horror TV series. The story starts from a laboratory in Hawkins that secretly conducts experiments related to the supernatural and makes humans as objects of experimentation. One time, they inadvertently made a portal to an alternative dimension called “the Upside Down”. The problem starts here.

Stranger Things is a series that is currently popular. This one TV series aired from 2016 until now. Entering season 3, the number of episodes has reached 15.

Well, those are some  TV Series that we would recommend you to watch just in case you look for sci-fie TV serials instead of Doctor Who with a good storyline. Not only entertaining but also it can also train your mind to continue to think and solve mysteries that embellish the storyline.

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from bola gelinding Generation to Generation. The Doctor Who series has been around since 1963. Since then, Doctor Who has been running for 12 seasons and has changed actors 13 times. How could it be anyway? Many say that the role of Doctor Who is always changing because Doctor Who is condemned to regenerate many times! Who are the actors in Doctor Who? Let’s get to know them!

  1. John Hurt

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation
13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation

John Hurt played The War Doctor in the 50th special episode of Doctor Who. He just died earlier this year. RIP John Hurt.

  1. Matt Smith

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation
13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation

Matt Smith is a Doctor Who who is very popular among young people. Maybe because Matt is also young and fresh.

  1. David Tennant

13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation
13 Actors Acting Doctor Who from Generation to Generation

David Tennant is one of the most handsome Doctors! David also played in the Harry Potter movies, you know! Precisely in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  1. Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston is the cast of Doctor Who in series nine. Reportedly, before Christopher had been offered the role of Doctor Who in the eight series.

  1. William Hartnel

Who does not know William Hartnell? He was the first Doctor Who to play a role and was a real doctor. He is the most respected Doctor Who actor and is said to be the best Doctor Who.
  1. Patrick Troughton

Is the cast of Doctor Who in the 2nd series. Patrick Troughton reportedly gave up the role of Doctor Who because of a very tight schedule.

  1. Paul McGann

Is the actor Doctor Who with the least number of episodes, which is six episodes. This is probably because Paul did not think he would be offered the role of Doctor Who. Paul also considers himself unworthy to play the Doctor.

  1. Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee was having a hard time playing the role of Doctor Who! Him couldn’t say some funny words in the Doctor Who dialog, to the point where the crew prepared cards to help him.

  1. Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor Who series. He was also the oldest Doctor in the Doctor Who series. Peter Capaldi recently announced his resignation from the role of Doctor Who.

  1. Tom Baker

Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor in the Doctor Who series, turns out he is an actor with the highest number of Doctor Who episodes, you know! The total episode of Doctor Who played by Tom Baker is 173 episodes!

  1. Peter Davison

The real name of Peter Davison is actually Peter Moffet. But, his name is the same as director Peter Moffat, so Peter changed his name somewhat in an incomparable way with him. What nonsense?

  1. Colin Baker

Colin Baker, Doctor Who in the 6th series, he was the only Who Doctor actor who was fired from his role as a Doctor, because Colin Baker was considered unable to meet the requirements and criteria needed as a Doctor Who.
  1. Sylvester McCoy

Is the cast of Doctor Who in the 7th series. Sylvester McCoy tries to bring the 7th Doctor more mysterious than the previous Doctors.

Finally, those are some actors in the series of Doctor Who that have been so popular since many years ago. You can still watch Doctor Who now on the internet if you want to know the stories.

This is the best Hollywood TV series with a theme about medicine.

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine. Hollywood TV series indeed come from various genres. You can choose various genres that you like, one of them is a doctor’s genre. There are quite a lot of TV series doctors, but the best is only a few.

Over time, the TV series or film genre doctors or the world of Health continues to grow. The following best TV series is the best TV series in the world of a doctor. In addition, who knows, you can increase your knowledge about daftar sbobet and the world of health because you watch the series below. What are the doctor’s themed serials? Here is the list!

Gray Anatomy

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.
This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.

Gray Anatomy is arguably one of the originators of the popular doctor-themed TV series. Starting from 2005, Gray Anatomy has entered season 15 in 2019.

This health-themed TV series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital, who are starting their internal careers. One of the young doctors was named Meredith Gray, who was the son of a famous surgeon.

The series focuses on Meredith’s life in maintaining her relationship with friends, boyfriends and proving that she is also able to become a doctor.

Chicago Med

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.
This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.

Chicago Med is part of the Chicago franchise and is still in the universe with Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Justice and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. But take it easy, this TV series has nothing to do with each other, so you can focus only on watching Chicago Med.

Unlike Gray’s Anatomy, Chicago Med is more serious and not only focused on the relationship between the characters, but more focused on the medical world. The series also focuses on various things about health, such as psychology or others.

Nurse Jackie

If you feel the life of a doctor is quite boring in a TV series, but still want to watch a health genre series, Nurse Jackie can be an option. As the title suggests, of course, this series focuses on the life of a nurse.

This series tells the story of Jackie Peyton who is a nurse who works in the ER and always tries her best to serve her patients. But, no one knows if Peyton is very dependent on Vicodin and Adderall, painkillers in order to continue to survive in New York Hospital.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who becomes the most popular science fiction series that was introduced by BBC TV station since 1963. Doctor Who is a great TV serial that tells about “The Doctor”. He was an alien-human time traveler that save people and fights against various criminals.

The Doctor Who series basically has two versions, they are classic series (1963-1989) and the review series (2005-present). Doctor Who has had many fans from various generations, and it still becomes the most favorite TV show that has a story of a doctor in the form of science drama.

Royal Pains

What would happen if the world of a doctor was colored with comedy? Royal Pain is a TV series that combines drama and comedy together. Even so, Royal Pain can be said to bring more drama taste in it.

This drama series tells about Dr. Hank Lawson, the doctor blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. His life also changed when he became a private doctor from a wealthy family.

You will be presented with the life of a doctor who deals with the health problems of rich people who are difficult to manage and the difficulty of becoming a private doctor.

This Is the Final Explanation of Doctor Who Season 10

This Is The Final Explanation Of Doctor Who Season 10

This Is the Final Explanation of Doctor Who Season 10. Every doctor who fans wonder about the condition of Bill and the Doctor in the last episode of the Doctor Who of the season 10? What is clear, both of them have always been a big player in this series, especially in the final episode. Not only did Steven Moffat resign as a fortune teller with this ten season. But Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi also dropped out of their roles.

Substitute Role in Doctor Who Films

This Is The Final Explanation Of Doctor Who Season 10
This Is The Final Explanation Of Doctor Who Season 10

Their successors were introduced at the Christmas year special program in 2017. So it can be said that the Doctor Who series underwent a major transition to the concept of the English sci-fi genre. This means there was a great story that gave Mackie an important role and establishes Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor for the last time.

In both cases in the final episodes, especially the one titled The Doctor Falls. There are things that can be explained further. It’s like going back to the Cyberan Mondasian which is a type of Cybermen that originated from the Earth twin-Mondas. Which was shown for fifty years in the past.  Moffat made a story that involved black holes, colonies in spaces,  two separate Masters for the Doctor , temporal distortion, and their friends to overcome them.

As usual, the doctor can handle it, but the way it will not mean anything. Yes, Bill can change to become a Cyberman, yet still have his mind as well as  the Doctor that were insisted to sacrifice their soul to stop  Cybermen from changing all existing invaders. the act that looked so heroic was indeed quite unexpected, especially when witnessing Bill and Doctor Twelve were hit by a huge explosion that brought each metal-bodied opponent along with them.

After almost surviving an explosion caused by a laser that struck the time energy produced by the Doctor, he stood over his body that was seriously injured. Before he finally found himself standing in a person. Feeliing upset, confused, seeing a familiar face that showed up before him.


This Is The Final Explanation Of Doctor Who Season 10

Heather said that when they just let bill alone with the body drop. She could track him down and could view that he got problems.  When turning it into a different liquid creature, Heather can save Bill’s thoughts and memories. Bill can also take his usual body shape whenever he wants. And now he can walk around the universe as he wishes.

They brought the Doctor return the TARDIS while directed him far from the colony before Bill said his last goodbyes. They also decide to take a trip, where the star Heather becomes the power of the water-alien pair.

She has a front and center sexuality as is her interest in  space world as well as the world outside herself. She can spend her time to each gap of the universe alog with the alien partner Bill who really likes him. This is a very poignant and poetic method to distinguish between characters who represent a progress of new wave for the fifty five year-old series.

What’s more, when echoing the release of Rory Pond and Amy in this series. Or want to go with the Doctor again to get a full life. Doctoral / escort falsification is almost always done by scouts, and thehardest part is when a friend says thing about our favorite Time Lord (viewers) and shows it is the moment for them to travel on their own.

Then what happened to the doctor?

Then what happened to the doctor? The opening of the previous episode entitled World Enough And Time showed that the Doctor stumbled from ‘TARDIS’ on a cold planet, burning with regenerating energy. Of course, The Doctor Falls ends by revealing a little more about what happened.

The Doctor, after his unconscious body was moved to the TARDIS by Heather and Bill after the explosion. They began to regenerate after regaining consciousness. Whether true or not, Bill’s “tears of hope” could be a factor in waking the Doctor. It starting his regeneration, or could play a role in other episodes in the future.

So, the Doctor seems to be able to insist on not regenerating. The Doctor does everything he can to stop it, concentrating all his energy on delaying the generation process. Until then it is worth the wait and be watched on this Doctor Who next season series.

Some facts you didn’t know about Doctor Who

Doctor Who facts

In 1963, BBC released a new TV serial called Doctor Who. It is a kind of science-fiction TV program that tells about an alien that comes to earth and becomes a person who helps people to eradicate crime. The doctor uses his TARDIS to explore the universe. He is a good doctor who wants to help anybody on earth. But, you may not know a few things about him. Let’s see some interesting facts about him!

Doctor Who facts
Doctor Who facts
  1. This TV serial becomes a significant aspect of British popular culture, as well as it is also elsewhere and becomes a cult television favorite all around the world.
  2. Doctor Who also gives a big impact on the generations of judi slot online professionals, some of them are successful because they watch this serial.
  3. Originally, Doctor Who has produced from1963 to 1989. Meanwhile, they failed to try to get the serials back in 1996 with a backdoor pilot that was converted into a TV movie. The TV show was again reproduced in 2005, which has been produced by BBC house of Wales in Cardiff.
  4. Doctor Who also has its different versions like movies, comic books, novels, drama and TV serial including Class (2016), K-9 (2009–2010), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007–2011, Torchwood (2006–2011),), and many fans made some parodies because of their interest.
  5. 12 actors became the doctor in each session. The changing role of the actor starting from one doctor to another doctor is written on the serial by making the doctor regenerate to be a fresh incarnation. In 1966, a new concept was introduced to make the show go on after the original lead William Hartnell departed.
  6. Each role of a doctor who has a different portrait. However, every doctor represents has the same character and it has one narrative. The time travel part shows that the doctor is just reincarnating to become a new fresh doctor. For example, After Mat Smith quit during the time of the doctor session in 2013. Peter Capaldi took a role to replace him.
  7. The adventures were inspired by a rogue Time Lord that was coming from the planet Gallifrey as the primary character that slightly has a name called“The Doctor”. He stole the TARDIS and fled to Gallifrey. Since he used a time machine ship, so he could travel anywhere even across time and space.
  8. The time travel spaceship called TARDIS is equipped with a chameleon circuit. That basically allows the TARDIS to disguise when it is needed.
  9. Somehow, the time travel of TARDIS still can be repaired to become a blue British police box. Because of a malfunction that occurs in the chameleon circuit.
  10. The Doctor usually travels along with some companions to share the adventure. And the fellows to travel are usually humans because he lands on earth that looks so fascinated to him. When he is on earth, you meet a lot of people. They also become his companions and they want to help people and eradicate crimes.
Doctor Who facts
Doctor Who facts

Reasons for Watching Doctor Who

Reasons for Watching Doctor Who

Doctor Who becomes the longest science fiction TV serials in the world that have been played since many years ago. It is also known to be longer than Star Trek and even Star Wars. So, it must be a good idea to watch Doctor Who if you have never watched it before. Why?

1. It’s a TV serial that has been playing since many years ago

How Doctor Who works? Many things happened in this TV serial as the actors also change. The Doctor is regenerating all the time from the body or their personality. Also, it also had an unlimited crazy planet, scenario, and aliens for the Doctor to see.

2. Sometimes it can be funny

Doctor Who is like other hero movies that do not only come with a serious story but sometimes there are funny things that make you giggle. Though it is not a comedy tv serial, you can still see that it is good for its sense of humor.

it can be funny
it can be funny

3. It also may be as scary as hell.

Doctor Who serial can make you feel scared to breathe, blink and even think. You may be scared of angel statues or you may be afraid of forgetting why you come into the chamber.

4. The actors are extraordinary

Well, you may find some cheesy” moments, yet as powerful moments appear, the actor and actress will handle everything. Somehow, it may break your heart in a certain way, no matter how often you watch it.

5. You know the actors

There are so famous actors who have roles in Doctor Who. Let us take some examples of actors like Karen Gillan who also plays in Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. You can also see Maisie Williams that has a role in Arya from Game of Thrones. Or you can see David Tennant and many more.

Reasons for Watching Doctor
Reasons for Watching Doctor

6. So many creative ideas.

It is not just an ordinary story because Doctor Who has a special story in its session. Though it has a different story, it still has a correlation to the previous one.

Reasons for Watching Doctor
Reasons for Watching Doctor

7. It’s influential.

Doctor Who becomes the most influential TV serials in this century because you can find it everywhere, even when you ask SIRI “How big are you”.

8. Some of the episodes are the best out there

The Doctor and friends depart t to Great Depression New York that is calculated as Earth billions of years in the future as well as pre-WWI England. When you watch it, you will know exactly why Vesuvius burst, until it can break your heart.

9. Many fans of Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans call themselves as Whovians, they are so creative and amazing. It will be your own pride to be a Whovian who always follows every storyline of this TV serial. It has its own community and it is really huge. Also, it becomes one of the biggest fandoms on earth. That’s why being a fan of Doctor Who is no regret.

Jodie Whittaker Becomes the First Female ‘Doctor Who’

First Female 'Doctor Who'

Jodie Whittaker Becomes the First Female ‘Doctor Who’. Doctor Who tells about “The Doctor”, an alien-human time traveler who fights off various criminals and saves people. The Doctor Who series is divided into 2 parts, the classic series (1963-1989) and the review series (2005-present). Doctor Who has had many fans from various generations, and has spawned various spin-offs such as “Torchwood”, “K-9”, and others.

Since the first series, the doctors in the Doctor Who series were men. It seems that the producer wanted to give a new taste to attract more audience. Until finally, Doctor Who finally got its female Doctor Who actress. Jodie Whittaker seemed to be the first female in the Doctor Who series who had a role as the doctor.

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker
Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker has officially replaced Peter Capaldi as the main actor in the science-fiction series broadcast by the BBC in 2017, Doctor Who. With this, she became the first woman to ever play this iconic time traveler.

One-Hour Edition

At the end of the special one-hour edition of Christmas Day 2017 and 2018, Scottish actor Capaldi regenerated to become the British actress Whittaker, who made history as the first woman to play an iconic time-traveling character, having been played by 12 men for 54 years.

Broadcast since 1963, Doctor Who is the longest-running science-fiction series in the world and broadcast globally in many regions. Whittaker was chosen as the character cast of Thirteenth Doctor, worked on by Chris Chibnall, who took over the position of screenwriter Steven Moffat.

One-Hour Edition
One-Hour Edition

Chibnall has worked on several episodes of Doctor Who, including the stories of Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor. It was played by successors David Tennant (Jessica Jones) and Matt Smith (The Crown). The author also worked on Torchwood, the Camelot legend series for Starz, and the English version of Law & Order.

However, Chibnall may be more famous for his work Broadchurch, which is a remake of the United States version, Gracepoint, and the French version, Malaterra. The event, which has rolled over three seasons in England, also features Whittaker as the main character.


Whittaker debuted at Doctor Who at the end of the emotionally altered episode where Time Lord joined the previous incarnation herself. The episode culminates in a scene during a truce at Christmas between opposing forces during World War I.

In the spectacular 80 seconds final, Whittaker’s new Doctor only said two words, “Oh, brilliant!” Currently, fans can enjoy this series because Doctor Who has been released since 2018 ago.

The BBC guarantees the season-opening special one-hour duration which also introduces new supporting stars who join Whittaker. They includes British show host Bradley Walsh, actors Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Sharon D Clarke. Doctor Who is a BBC Studios production for BBC One and a joint production with BBC America. BBC Worldwide is an international distributor of this series.

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker
Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

Today, people can still watch Doctor Who series from the first episode to the last episode. It is a really attractive TV shows that can really entertain everybody who wants to spend their time at home in front of their TVs.

Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who Review

Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor. Finally! this episode arrived too. The episode I’ve been waiting for since the 50th Anniversary special. What I anticipate with a stack of tissues and feelings that try to be roomy. The episode when the 11th regenerated. The last episode of Matt Smith.

Since the completion of the 50th special episode, the audience was immediately fed with a short teaser of this episode. One name and one phrase that made me guess for a month: ‘Trenzalore’ and ‘Silence will fall’.

Important: if you don’t follow the episode Doctor 11th (Matt Smith) as a whole, I don’t think this episode is for you.

Okay. Spoilers ahead.

The whole story of The Time of The Doctor did occur in a small town called ‘Christmas’.

Starting from the emergence of a continuous signal that is not understood by all creatures in the universe of a planet. Fortunately, Papal Mainframe led by Tasha Lem arrived first and saved the planet. Outside the planet, there are a variety of inhabitants of the universe, from Dalek, Cyberman, Sontaran, including The Doctor as well.

Because The Doctor and Tasha are friends (I’m curious after their relationship), Tasha gave Doctor a chance to go to the planet. And … came Doctor and Clara at Christmas. There, the Doctor found the signal source that is a crack in the wall – a crack in the wall (which first appeared in the first episode of Matt Smith, Eleventh Hour).

Doctor Who Review
Doctor Who Review

From that gap, came the biggest question in the universe: ‘Doctor Who?’

Tasha Lem who heard that question immediately contacted Doctor, and Doctor also asked Tasha what planet it actually was. Tasha answers  “Trenzalore”.

The doctor chose to stay there and told Clara to go home. For hundreds of years, he remained there to fulfill the forecast of Trenzalore. Finally, when the end of time and Dalek attack, Clara asked for help behind a gap … which turned out to be Gallifrey.

The doctor was helped and he regenerated.

This episode was written by Doctor Who’s own showrunner, Steven Moffat. The first time I watched it confused my head. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t actually catch the plot because there were a lot of ‘cameos’ here and there. Yes, finally I can only say that this episode is good, but like a collage of stories that are bonded together.

Then, I watched for the second time. Not as sad as I thought before the episode aired, even though I cried a few times.

Actually, the story of this episode is really simple, just how the Doctor tried to fulfill his prediction – Trenzalore, which is where he lives (check the episode The Name of The Doctor)

This story is connected with the final episode of session 6, The Wedding of the River Song, when the Dorium makes a prophecy, and of course answers the question of who made the gap in the wall (Eleventh Hour, S5E1) and blew up TARDIS (The Big Bang part II, S5E13 ).

Don’t forget, Moffat included a number of popular creatures, even Weeping Angels, which had no apparent use in this episode. There is Cyberman wood, but that’s it too. Then Dalek and Sontaran. Everyone wants to force the Doctor to answer the question of what’s his name. But, of course, the Doctor refused.

Telling story Doctor Who

Well, because all of those things are put together into one, that’s what makes me feel the story is shallow. And Clara, I prefer her role in The Day of The Doctor than here which is weird. Yeah, she was the one who asked for help in the gap. Indeed, in this episode, I prefer two companions while the Doctor, Handless and Barnable. Handless is the head of a cyberman who was his friend, similar to volleyball Wilson and Tom Hanks in Cast Away. While Barnable is a child at Christmas (but, at the end, where is Barnable?).

The Day of The Doctor
Doctor Who Review

About Silence also called. They’re some kind of priest-confession priest at Papal Mainframe. But, I still don’t understand what ‘Silence will fall’ means. Does it refer to Silence or Doctor’s silence? Looks like Doctor’s silence because if Doctor says his name, then war – The New Time War – will happen.

Besides Silence, also about Covariance. Well, remember, Madam Kovarian who abducted Melody Pond (River Song) in the episode A Good Man Goes to War, S6E7. So, they were the ones who actually blew up TARDIS in the episode Big Bang pt II and entered the Doctor’s timeline to prevent the war from happening by making a killer alias River Song.

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But, really who is Tasha Lem and what does this have to do with Doctor really makes me curious. If River won’t appear in the 8th series and so on – I think, this Tasha will replace it. Well, what I was confused about was when Tasha tried to fight Dalek in him. The Doctor asked Tasha to hold on because all this time to fight the psychopathic side that was also in him. The psychopath they talked about before was River Song. What is the relationship between Tasha and River? And why can Tasha use TARDIS ?! I really like River, who was married to Alex Kingston, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear here.

A Good Man Goes to War
Doctor Who Review

Well, do not miss also discussed regeneration. The doctor himself explained that he had reached the limit, including the 10th Doctor who regenerated 2 times and The ‘grumpy’ War Doctor. So, when the Doctor regenerated to become Peter Capaldi,  he forgot how to fly the TARDIS.

Peter Capaldi (so he’s 14th or 12th?) – hmm, let’s just say it’s 12 years. It suddenly appeared and the first word he said was ‘Kidney!’. Many hope that this new Doctor’s character will be ‘dark’, but seeing a glimpse of yesterday looks like it doesn’t feel like that. Interestingly, for the 8th series, yeah … how can Doctor forget what is really stuck in his head all this time!

In the end, before 11th became 12, there was a guest who made me cry – Amelia Pond. From the time Amelia was small, she ran in the TARDIS ( I don’t like them to change into the role of small Pond). Until then appeared Amelia who was already an adult. One word Amy said to the Doctor. One word that really makes a cry.

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How do you feel about this story? That’s what makes the audience who glance at the sight will not understand. Actually, it is good if the story is improved and controlled … just because all of them want to be included and packed together as a farewell, everything is like a montage. Montage with red thread. A story that made me feel incomplete.

Even though the story is solid, there are many small things that are quite interesting, like a naked Doctor in TARDIS and a bare head/ Unfortunately, the dining scene with Clara’s family was not continued, though I wanted to see that Clara brought a girlfriend who looked different to her family. It’s going to be funny!

It’s still sad, but finally, I left the 11th. He is my favorite Doctor (yes I just watched 10th and 11th). He makes me sad, happy, entertained, learning about time-travel. Just sad to see he finally really went.

A farewell is never easy to live, right? But, everything must end. Sometimes, it happens faster than you think.