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Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun

Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun. Many people prefer watching drama on TV, rather than having to go to the movies. The reason is very practical because it is more flexible both in time and place. If you often watch dramas, like Doctor Who, there are a few things you need to pay attention to so that watching you is more fun. Here are tips for watching the Doctor Who series to make it more fun.

Invite a friend

Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun.
Tips For Watching Doctor Who Series To Make It More Fun.

If you want to watch a movie, it would be less fun if watching alone. Try to invite your friends to watch it together, more crowded would be more exciting. Watching Doctor Who serial with friends will be exciting because you can share ideas about the story.

If Possible Try Using the Wide Screen

If you have a big screen that can be used to stream movies, surely it will be more fun and exciting. The image will look bigger as if you are watching in a real movie theater. You can also use a projector so that the movie you watch can be displayed wide according to your taste.

Install Additional Speakers

Display the movie is wide so that you get an exciting movie watching experience, try using additional speakers so that the movie being watched feels so real. But remember! Adjust the sound not too loud, for fear of disturbing your ears and neighbors next to the house.

Watch Trailers First

Before choosing and watching Doctor Who serial that you will watch with friends, you better find the Doctor Who trailer that you will watch first. That way, at least you can guess the description of the storyline of the drama.

Watch from the start

You won’t understand the Doctor Who storyline if you don’t watch it from the start. Therefore, you must download it from the first episode in each session. You also have to watch from the initial session because each session is related to the next session.

Use WIFI to stream

As you know, streaming movies online will take up a lot of your quota, especially if you watch Doctor Who that has so many episodes.  So it is better to use a WIFI network, besides usually unlimited usually WIFI networks will be more stable when compared to mobile data. It also avoids buffering while watching.

Read the Review

It’s better to read a review of the Doctor Who to be watched, so you can also guess the story of the drama you want to watch. Or, you can ask for film recommendations from your friends, or fellow movie lovers.

Prepare snacks

Before watching Doctor Who, you can prepare snacks to enjoy while enjoying the dramatic storyline. What is your favorite snack when watching a movie? Do you like sweet or salty? If you are a lover of sweet snacks, a choice of fresh fruit pieces can be your choice. In addition to accompanying faithfully while watching, a piece of fruit snacks also makes you healthy of course.

Watch when free time

Prepare the right time to watch, choose a free time if it is suitable to be spent enjoying Doctor Who because it has a long storyline. You should not watch it when you are too busy. Nighttime will be the best time to watch Doctor Who serial.