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This is the best Hollywood TV series with a theme about medicine.

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine. Hollywood TV series indeed come from various genres. You can choose various genres that you like, one of them is a doctor’s genre. There are quite a lot of TV series doctors, but the best is only a few.

Over time, the TV series or film genre doctors or the world of Health continues to grow. The following best TV series is the best TV series in the world of a doctor. In addition, who knows, you can increase your knowledge about daftar sbobet and the world of health because you watch the series below. What are the doctor’s themed serials? Here is the list!

Gray Anatomy

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.
This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.

Gray Anatomy is arguably one of the originators of the popular doctor-themed TV series. Starting from 2005, Gray Anatomy has entered season 15 in 2019.

This health-themed TV series focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital, who are starting their internal careers. One of the young doctors was named Meredith Gray, who was the son of a famous surgeon.

The series focuses on Meredith’s life in maintaining her relationship with friends, boyfriends and proving that she is also able to become a doctor.

Chicago Med

This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.
This Is The Best Hollywood TV Series With A Theme About Medicine.

Chicago Med is part of the Chicago franchise and is still in the universe with Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Justice and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. But take it easy, this TV series has nothing to do with each other, so you can focus only on watching Chicago Med.

Unlike Gray’s Anatomy, Chicago Med is more serious and not only focused on the relationship between the characters, but more focused on the medical world. The series also focuses on various things about health, such as psychology or others.

Nurse Jackie

If you feel the life of a doctor is quite boring in a TV series, but still want to watch a health genre series, Nurse Jackie can be an option. As the title suggests, of course, this series focuses on the life of a nurse.

This series tells the story of Jackie Peyton who is a nurse who works in the ER and always tries her best to serve her patients. But, no one knows if Peyton is very dependent on Vicodin and Adderall, painkillers in order to continue to survive in New York Hospital.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who becomes the most popular science fiction series that was introduced by BBC TV station since 1963. Doctor Who is a great TV serial that tells about “The Doctor”. He was an alien-human time traveler that save people and fights against various criminals.

The Doctor Who series basically has two versions, they are classic series (1963-1989) and the review series (2005-present). Doctor Who has had many fans from various generations, and it still becomes the most favorite TV show that has a story of a doctor in the form of science drama.

Royal Pains

What would happen if the world of a doctor was colored with comedy? Royal Pain is a TV series that combines drama and comedy together. Even so, Royal Pain can be said to bring more drama taste in it.

This drama series tells about Dr. Hank Lawson, the doctor blamed for the death of a hospital trustee. His life also changed when he became a private doctor from a wealthy family.

You will be presented with the life of a doctor who deals with the health problems of rich people who are difficult to manage and the difficulty of becoming a private doctor.