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Reasons for Watching Doctor Who

Doctor Who becomes the longest science fiction TV serials in the world that have been played since many years ago. It is also known to be longer than Star Trek and even Star Wars. So, it must be a good idea to watch Doctor Who if you have never watched it before. Why?

1. It’s a TV serial that has been playing since many years ago

How Doctor Who works? Many things happened in this TV serial as the actors also change. The Doctor is regenerating all the time from the body or their personality. Also, it also had an unlimited crazy planet, scenario, and aliens for the Doctor to see.

2. Sometimes it can be funny

Doctor Who is like other hero movies that do not only come with a serious story but sometimes there are funny things that make you giggle. Though it is not a comedy tv serial, you can still see that it is good for its sense of humor.

it can be funny
it can be funny

3. It also may be as scary as hell.

Doctor Who serial can make you feel scared to breathe, blink and even think. You may be scared of angel statues or you may be afraid of forgetting why you come into the chamber.

4. The actors are extraordinary

Well, you may find some cheesy” moments, yet as powerful moments appear, the actor and actress will handle everything. Somehow, it may break your heart in a certain way, no matter how often you watch it.

5. You know the actors

There are so famous actors who have roles in Doctor Who. Let us take some examples of actors like Karen Gillan who also plays in Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy. You can also see Maisie Williams that has a role in Arya from Game of Thrones. Or you can see David Tennant and many more.

Reasons for Watching Doctor
Reasons for Watching Doctor

6. So many creative ideas.

It is not just an ordinary story because Doctor Who has a special story in its session. Though it has a different story, it still has a correlation to the previous one.

Reasons for Watching Doctor
Reasons for Watching Doctor

7. It’s influential.

Doctor Who becomes the most influential TV serials in this century because you can find it everywhere, even when you ask SIRI “How big are you”.

8. Some of the episodes are the best out there

The Doctor and friends depart t to Great Depression New York that is calculated as Earth billions of years in the future as well as pre-WWI England. When you watch it, you will know exactly why Vesuvius burst, until it can break your heart.

9. Many fans of Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans call themselves as Whovians, they are so creative and amazing. It will be your own pride to be a Whovian who always follows every storyline of this TV serial. It has its own community and it is really huge. Also, it becomes one of the biggest fandoms on earth. That’s why being a fan of Doctor Who is no regret.