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Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who Review: The Time of the Doctor. Finally! this episode arrived too. The episode I’ve been waiting for since the 50th Anniversary special. What I anticipate with a stack of tissues and feelings that try to be roomy. The episode when the 11th regenerated. The last episode of Matt Smith.

Since the completion of the 50th special episode, the audience was immediately fed with a short teaser of this episode. One name and one phrase that made me guess for a month: ‘Trenzalore’ and ‘Silence will fall’.

Important: if you don’t follow the episode Doctor 11th (Matt Smith) as a whole, I don’t think this episode is for you.

Okay. Spoilers ahead.

The whole story of The Time of The Doctor did occur in a small town called ‘Christmas’.

Starting from the emergence of a continuous signal that is not understood by all creatures in the universe of a planet. Fortunately, Papal Mainframe led by Tasha Lem arrived first and saved the planet. Outside the planet, there are a variety of inhabitants of the universe, from Dalek, Cyberman, Sontaran, including The Doctor as well.

Because The Doctor and Tasha are friends (I’m curious after their relationship), Tasha gave Doctor a chance to go to the planet. And … came Doctor and Clara at Christmas. There, the Doctor found the signal source that is a crack in the wall – a crack in the wall (which first appeared in the first episode of Matt Smith, Eleventh Hour).

Doctor Who Review
Doctor Who Review

From that gap, came the biggest question in the universe: ‘Doctor Who?’

Tasha Lem who heard that question immediately contacted Doctor, and Doctor also asked Tasha what planet it actually was. Tasha answers  “Trenzalore”.

The doctor chose to stay there and told Clara to go home. For hundreds of years, he remained there to fulfill the forecast of Trenzalore. Finally, when the end of time and Dalek attack, Clara asked for help behind a gap … which turned out to be Gallifrey.

The doctor was helped and he regenerated.

This episode was written by Doctor Who’s own showrunner, Steven Moffat. The first time I watched it confused my head. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t actually catch the plot because there were a lot of ‘cameos’ here and there. Yes, finally I can only say that this episode is good, but like a collage of stories that are bonded together.

Then, I watched for the second time. Not as sad as I thought before the episode aired, even though I cried a few times.

Actually, the story of this episode is really simple, just how the Doctor tried to fulfill his prediction – Trenzalore, which is where he lives (check the episode The Name of The Doctor)

This story is connected with the final episode of session 6, The Wedding of the River Song, when the Dorium makes a prophecy, and of course answers the question of who made the gap in the wall (Eleventh Hour, S5E1) and blew up TARDIS (The Big Bang part II, S5E13 ).

Don’t forget, Moffat included a number of popular creatures, even Weeping Angels, which had no apparent use in this episode. There is Cyberman wood, but that’s it too. Then Dalek and Sontaran. Everyone wants to force the Doctor to answer the question of what’s his name. But, of course, the Doctor refused.

Telling story Doctor Who

Well, because all of those things are put together into one, that’s what makes me feel the story is shallow. And Clara, I prefer her role in The Day of The Doctor than here which is weird. Yeah, she was the one who asked for help in the gap. Indeed, in this episode, I prefer two companions while the Doctor, Handless and Barnable. Handless is the head of a cyberman who was his friend, similar to volleyball Wilson and Tom Hanks in Cast Away. While Barnable is a child at Christmas (but, at the end, where is Barnable?).

The Day of The Doctor
Doctor Who Review

About Silence also called. They’re some kind of priest-confession priest at Papal Mainframe. But, I still don’t understand what ‘Silence will fall’ means. Does it refer to Silence or Doctor’s silence? Looks like Doctor’s silence because if Doctor says his name, then war – The New Time War – will happen.

Besides Silence, also about Covariance. Well, remember, Madam Kovarian who abducted Melody Pond (River Song) in the episode A Good Man Goes to War, S6E7. So, they were the ones who actually blew up TARDIS in the episode Big Bang pt II and entered the Doctor’s timeline to prevent the war from happening by making a killer alias River Song.

Review about Doctor Who

But, really who is Tasha Lem and what does this have to do with Doctor really makes me curious. If River won’t appear in the 8th series and so on – I think, this Tasha will replace it. Well, what I was confused about was when Tasha tried to fight Dalek in him. The Doctor asked Tasha to hold on because all this time to fight the psychopathic side that was also in him. The psychopath they talked about before was River Song. What is the relationship between Tasha and River? And why can Tasha use TARDIS ?! I really like River, who was married to Alex Kingston, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear here.

A Good Man Goes to War
Doctor Who Review

Well, do not miss also discussed regeneration. The doctor himself explained that he had reached the limit, including the 10th Doctor who regenerated 2 times and The ‘grumpy’ War Doctor. So, when the Doctor regenerated to become Peter Capaldi,  he forgot how to fly the TARDIS.

Peter Capaldi (so he’s 14th or 12th?) – hmm, let’s just say it’s 12 years. It suddenly appeared and the first word he said was ‘Kidney!’. Many hope that this new Doctor’s character will be ‘dark’, but seeing a glimpse of yesterday looks like it doesn’t feel like that. Interestingly, for the 8th series, yeah … how can Doctor forget what is really stuck in his head all this time!

In the end, before 11th became 12, there was a guest who made me cry – Amelia Pond. From the time Amelia was small, she ran in the TARDIS ( I don’t like them to change into the role of small Pond). Until then appeared Amelia who was already an adult. One word Amy said to the Doctor. One word that really makes a cry.

End Review

How do you feel about this story? That’s what makes the audience who glance at the sight will not understand. Actually, it is good if the story is improved and controlled … just because all of them want to be included and packed together as a farewell, everything is like a montage. Montage with red thread. A story that made me feel incomplete.

Even though the story is solid, there are many small things that are quite interesting, like a naked Doctor in TARDIS and a bare head/ Unfortunately, the dining scene with Clara’s family was not continued, though I wanted to see that Clara brought a girlfriend who looked different to her family. It’s going to be funny!

It’s still sad, but finally, I left the 11th. He is my favorite Doctor (yes I just watched 10th and 11th). He makes me sad, happy, entertained, learning about time-travel. Just sad to see he finally really went.

A farewell is never easy to live, right? But, everything must end. Sometimes, it happens faster than you think.